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Guide for Authors



Please note that the instructions given in this page are only a guide. Consistency and correct type area margins are the most important aspects in your manuscript presentation.

Prepare your paper in full-size format, on A4 (210 x 297 mm). In formatting your page, set all margin to 20 mm. No text or figures should fall out of this text area. Authors are asked not to include any header or footer (footnotes). The paper should not have page numbers and will be sent by e-mail as attachment file (MS Word format).

The text should be fully justified, single spaced and the first line of all paragraphs should be indented to the right by 5 mm. Times New Roman fonts should be used throughout the paper. No free line will be left between the paragraphs, while one free line will be left between the title and the following paragraph.

The text will include the following sequence of parts:
     Title: Bold Upper/lower case letters, 15-point type, left alignment.
     Subtitle: Italic Upper/lower case letters, 13-point type, left alignment.
     Author(s): Upper/lower case letters, 11-point type, left alignment.
     Affiliation of author(s): Italic Upper/lower case letters, 9-point type, left alignment.
     Abstract and keywords: Sentence case letters, 9-point type, position justified.
     The main text: Sentence case letters, 12-point type, position justified.
     References: Sentence case letters, 9-point type, position justified, hanging indent by approximately 4 mm.

Level of subheads should be easily distinguishable from each other. There should be a 24-points space before each subhead and a 12-points space after each subhead. The first level subhead should be 13 points bold capital letters, the second level should be 12 points bold-italic upper/lower letters and the third level subheads should be 12 points italic upper/lower case letters. All the subheads should be aligned left.

Figures and tables may appear printed directly in the text. A legend should be typed into the manuscript directly beneath the figure and directly above the table using 10-point type italic sentence case letters and should be aligned at the centre as well as the figures and tables. Legends are to be listed in numeric order, labeled as “Figure 1”, “Figure 2”, “Table 1”, “Table 2”, etc.

Equations will be numbered with arabic normal (not bolded) digits between parentheses, placed at the right end of the line.

Any reference style is acceptable as long as consistency is maintained throughout the manuscript.

The author is responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to quote or reproduce material from already published works. An appropriate credit line should be included.

By submitting your paper to European Water you automatically agree on the following:
     (a) you give consent for the publication of your article in European Water
 you are not entitled to submit the same material for publication in another periodical of any type.


You may download and use the template of "European Water" format.

MS Word format (.doc), 110 Kb.

Papers should be submitted electronically through the Publishing Manager platform.
In case you need any help with the submission, please contact
 the Water Utility Journal Publication Office:
The authors are requested to provide the names and e-mail addresses of two distinguished scientists who may act as potential reviewers of their submitted manuscript.

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