Selected Papers for the Special Issues of EWRA2015



"Water Resources Management in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities"

10-13 June 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

Lists of selected papers



An International Journal
Published for EWRA by Springer


  Authors Title  
1 Ana Paulo, Diogo Martins, Elsa Moreira & Luis Santos Pereira SPI and Drought Assessment Under Long-Term Precipitation Variability O-1-29
2 Mohammad Karamouz, Forough Ahmadvand & Mohammad Fereshtehpour Flood Scenarios Determination Using Non-stationary Flood Frequency Analysis in Coastal Areas O-1-13
3 Brunella Bonaccorso & Giuseppe Tito Aronica Estimating Temporal Changes in Extreme Rainfall in Sicily Region (Italy) O-1-89
4 Long Duc Nguyen, Divas Karimanzira, Thomas Rauschenbach & Lars Ribbe River Flow Routing in Prismatic Trapezoidal Geometry by an Adaptive Time Delay Method O-1-59
5 Gabriele Buttafuoco & Tommaso Caloiero A Probabilistic Approach to Assess The Standardized Precipitation Index in A Region of Southern Italy O-2-9
6 Hafzullah Aksoy, Abdullah Gedikli, N. Erdem Unal, Ebru Eris, Jaeyoung Yoon, Murat Yılmaz & Gokmen Tayfur Rainfall-Runoff Model Considering Microtopography Simulated in a Laboratory Erosion Flume O-1-93
7 Konstantina Kavouri & George P. Karatzas Spatially Distributed Recharge in Karst Groundwater Modelling O-1-3
8 V. Christelis & A. Mantoglou Pumping Optimization of Coastal Aquifers Using Radial Basis Function Metamodels O-1-68
9 Vafa Khoolosi & Sedat Kabdaşli Modeling and Comparison of Water Waves Caused by Landslides Into Reservoirs O-1-4
10 Mike Spiliotis, Luis Mediero & Luis Garrote Optimization of Hedging Rules for Reservoir Operation During Droughts Based on Particle Swarm Optimization O-1-24
11 Claudio Arena, Marcella Cannarozzo & Mario Rosario Mazzola Exploring the Potential and the Boundaries of the Rolling Horizon Approach for the Management of Reservoir Systems with over-Year Carryover Capacity O-1-85
12 Sangho Lee, Shinuk Kang, Taeuk Kang & Eun-Sung Chung Development and Application of Water Level Zone Decision Method for Long-term Reservoir Operation Using the Dynamically Dimensioned Search Algorithm O-2-7
13 Maria Manuela Portela & Artur Tiago Silva Disaggregation Modelling of Daily Streamflows Using a New Approach of the Method of Fragments O-1-54
14 Juliana Mendes & Rodrigo Maia Hydrologic Modelling Calibration for Operational Flood Forecasting O-1-82
15 Jew Das & Umamahesh V. Nanduri Downscaling Monsoon Rainfall over River Godavari under Different Scenarios O-1-70
16 Okan Fistikoglu Orhan Gunduz & Celalettin Simsek The Correlation between Statistically Downscaled Precipitation Data and Groundwater Level Records in north-western Turkey O-2-3
17 Vasiliki A. Papaevangelou, Georgios D. Gikas & Vassilios A. Tsihrintzis Treatment of University Campus Wastewater with The Use of Pilot-Scale Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands O-4-23
18 Samira I. Korfali & Bassam Khadaj Speciation of Metals in Awali River Sediments: Risk Assessment O-4-34
19 Jacopo Napolitano, Giovanni M. Sechi & Paola Zuddas Scenario-Optimization of the Pumping Schedules in Complex Water Supply System Considering a Multicriteria Cost-Risk Balancing Problem O-5-8
20 João Vieira & Maria da Conceição Cunha A Nested Optimization Approach for the Capacity Expansion of Multiquality Water Supply Systems under Uncertainty O-5-27
21 B. Talukdar & D.K. Srivastava Conflict Resolution in Reservoir Operation Problems Using Multi- Objective Stochastic Dynamic Programming O-1-6
22 Jonas Luckmann, Dorothee Flaig, Harald Grethe, Scott McDonald & Khalid Siddig Modelling Sectorally Differentiated Water Prices in a Computable General Equilibrium Model O-6-26
23 I. Papageorgaki & I. Nalbantis Classification of Drainage Basins Based on Readily Available Information P-2-10
24 John Tzabiras, Lampros Vasiliades, Pantelis Sidiropoulos , Athanasios Loukas & Nikitas Mylopoulos Adaptation of Water Resources Management Strategies to Overturn Climate Change Impacts. The Lake Karla Watershed Case, Central Greece O-5-25
25 D. J. Peres & A. Cancelliere A Method for Determining Environmental Flows Based on Indicators of Hydrological Alteration O-1-87
26 Ali Gul & Gulay Onuslue Gul A Spatial Attempt for Constructing Restriction Zones around Water Reservoirs for Protecting Water Quality O-2-33
27 Sebnem Elçi, Gokmen Tayfur & Ismail Haltas Numerical Simulation of Flood Wave Spreading in 2D in Densely Populated Urban Areas due to Dam Break O-1-99
28 Salah H. A. Saleh & Tiku T. Tanyimboh Multi-Directional Search Strategy to Optimal Designs of Water Distribution Systems O-3-23
29 George Tsakiris, Nikos Kordalis, Dimitris Tigkas & Harris Vangelis Meteorological Drought Frequency Analysis based on the Copulas Approach O-1-63
30 Babak Vaheddoost, Hafzullah Aksoy, Hirad Abghari & Saieed Zare Naghadeh ANN, Decision Tree and Regression Methods for Forecasting Monthly Lagged Lake Water Level O-1-9
31 Burak Selmin & Margat Jean Water Management in the Mediterranean Region: Concepts and Policies O-6-25



An International Journal
Published for EWRA by Springer


  Authors Title  
1 Mehmet Ali Akgül, Suha Berberoglu, Mahmut Cetin, Hayriye İbrikçi, Takanori Nagano, Jumpei Kubota & Manfred Fink Modelling the Water and Nitrate Budget Using SWAT O-1-50
2 Vasileios Kitsikoudis, Mike Spiliotis & Vlassios Hrissanthou Reconsideration of Sediment Incipient Motion Criterion: A Fuzzy Set Approach O-1-76
3 Elisa Arnone, Domenico Caracciolo, Leonardo V. Noto, Federico Preti & Rafael L. Bras Hydrological and Mechanical Effects of Roots in Shallow Landslide Analysis: a Physically-Based Approach O-1-16
4 Mohammad Karamouz, Zahra Zahmatkesh & Mohammad Ali Olyaei Simulation of Sea Water Level Variations Using Data Driven Models: A Case Study of New York Bay O-1-38
5 Mohamed Najar & Islam Falouji GIS - Based Drastic Model for Assessing the Vulnerability of Gaza Groundwater Aquifer to Fertilizers O-2-32
6 Manuel J. Rodriguez, Christelle Legay, Stéphanie Guilherme, Anna Scheili & Sabrina Simard Locational Variability of Emerging Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water O-3-5
7 Michael G. Porter, Zohid Askarov & Sarah Hilborn Securing Water Supply in Adelaide over the Next Century Balancing Desalinated and Murray-Darling Basin Water O-3-16
8 Igbal Ali & Michael Bruen Methodology and Application of the Combined SWAT-HSPF Model O-4-62
9 Kyriakos Kopasakis, Chrysi Laspidou, Marios Spiliotopoulos, Dimitrios Kofinas& Nikolaos Mellios 3D Numerical Modelling of Wind Driven Circulation and Horizontal Dispersion in a Reconstructed Shallow Lake O-4-16
10 Triptimoni Borah & Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya Development of an Improved Methodology for Pollution Source Identification by Using ANN-MT3DMS-GA Based Simulation-Optimization Model O-4-26
11 P. Melidis & G. Sylaios Assessment of Pollutant Loadings from Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kavala Gulf O-4-21
12 João Nuno Fernandes, Ana Estela Barbosa & Ana Leonor Damas Effects of Dams on the Water Parameters of the Downstream Reach O-4-25
13 Vanessa Ramos, Rodrigo Maia, Nuno Formigo & Bruno Oliveira Assessment of Ecological Risk Based on Projected Hydrological Alteration O-1-81
14 Christina Papadaki, Konstantinos Soulis, Rafael Munoz-Mas, Lazaros Ntoanidis, Stamatis Zogaris, Nicholas Dercas, & Elias Dimitriou A New Approach for Determining the Environmental Flow Regime in a Greek River O-5-4
15 Jesper Stage Habitat Banking in Swedish Rivers and Water Bodies: a Concept Paper on Implementing the EU Water Framework Directive O-6-24
16 Hayriye Ibrikci, Mahmut Cetin, Suha Berberoglu, Hande Sagir, Ebru Karnez, Takanori Nagano, Manfred Fink, Jumpei Kubota & Hendrik Goehmann Irrigation-Induced Groundwater Nitrate Pollution in Mediterranean Agriculture O-4-10
17 George Bourazanis, Maria Psychogiou, Vasiliki Balafouti & Petros Kerkides Chloride Transport Parameters Prediction in A Clay Loam Soil Column O-4-17
18 A. de la Hera & J.M. Fornés The Protection of Groundwater-dependent Ecosystems that are External to Groundwater Bodies in Spain O-4-31
19 Nicolò Colombani, Micòl Mastrocicco & Enrico Dinelli Climate Change Impact on Heavy Metal Release in a Reclaimed Coastal Aquifer O-4-5
20 Mohammad Karamouz, Helieh Abbasi, Mohammad Fereshtehpour & Gh. R. Nabi Bidhendi Multicritera Evaluation of Combined Sewer Overflow Impacts in Coastal Cities O-5-9
21 Furat A.M. Al-Faraj, Dimitris Tigkas & Miklas Scholz Sensitivity of Irrigation Requirements to Improvement in Irrigation Efficiency In Climate-Induced Changes: Example of a Transboundary Watershed O-5-19
22 Rodrigo Maia, Bruno Oliveira, Vanessa Ramos, Levi Brekke, Ricardo Serralheiro, Mário Carvalho & Pedro Valverde A Methodology for Climate Change Integration in Water Resources Management. Application to the Portuguese part of Guadiana River Basin. O-5-34
23 Micòl Mastrocicco, Nicolò Colombani, Dario Di Giuseppe, Barbara Faccini, Giacomo Ferretti & Massimo Coltorti Zeolitite Amended Agricultural Field Experiment to Improve Water Saving O-1-12
24 Dionissis Latinopoulos, Chrysoula Ntislidou & Ifigeneia Kagalou Multipurpose Plans for the Sustainability of the Greek Lakes O-5-15
25 Yeonjoo Kim & Inhye Kong Indicators for Sustainable Water Use with a Regret-Based Decision Making Approach for Hydrologic Units in South Korea O-5-20
26 Stelios Gialis, Chrysostomos Fafoutis, Nikitas Mylopoulos & Athanasios Loukas “Think about new agricultural practices, drain Lake Karla”: socio-economic insufficiencies of a lake restoration project in Thessaly, Greece. O-6-30
27 V. Pisinaras, C. Paraskevas, A. Ilias, A. Panagopoulos, G. Arampatzis, S. Kotsopoulos & S. Poulos Groundwater Quality Characteristics of the Environmentally Sensitive Pinios River Delta, Central Greece P-1-20
28 Ioanna Theologou, Ifigenia Kagalou, Maria P. Papadopoulou & Konstantinos Karantzalos Evaluating Multi-temporal High Resolution Satellite Chlorophyll–á Maps in Sensitive Shallow Inland Water Systems: The Case of Lake Karla P-2-9
29 Constantinos V. Chrysikopoulos, Vasileios E. Katzourakis & Vasiliki I. Syngouna Transport of Dense Colloids in Porous Media P-4-2
30 Sadia Khan, Charles W. Knapp & Tara K. Beattie Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found in Municipal Drinking Water P-4-5
31 Dimitris Tigkas, Vasileios Christelis & George Tsakiris The Global Optimisation Approach for Calibrating Hydrological Models: The case of Medbasin-D model O-1-23



An International Journal
Published for EWRA by
EW Publications







Luis Garrote, Alfredo Granados & Ana Iglesias

Assessing Water Availability in Europe: a Comparative Study



Maria Manuela Portela, Martina Zelenakova, Joao Filipe Santos, Pavol Purcz, Artur Tiago Silva & Helena Hlavata

Application of the SPI to the drought analysis in Slovakia. Drought regionalization and temporal evolution of the drought area



Vasilis Bellos & George Tsakiris

Flash Flood Simulation in Small Catchments Based on Combined Hydrodynamic and Hydrologic Approach



Martina Zelenakova, Maria Manuela Portela, Pavol Purcz, Artur Tiago Silva, Helena Hlavata & Joao Filipe Santos

Precipitation Trend Detection for Slovakia



Ismail Yucel, Abdulkadir Guventurk & Omer L. Sen

Changes in Snowmelt Runoff For Mountain Regions of Eastern Anatolia Turkey



Domenico Caracciolo, Elisa Arnone & Leonardo V. Noto

Derivation of Critical Rainfall Thresholds for Landslides: an Application to Sicily



Meral Buyukyildiz & Yurdagul Kumcu

An Estimation of The Suspended Sediment Load Using Support Vector Machine and Artificial Neural Network Models



Gianna Kitsara, Georgia Papaioannou, Eirini Zygoura, Christos Giannakopoulos & Petros Kerkides

Trends of Reference Evapotranspiration over Greece in a Future Climate



S. Kotsopoulos, P. Nastos, S. Poulos, I. Alexiou & J. Kapsomenakis

Evaporation and Crop Evapotranspiration Estimates over Thessaly Plain, Greece, Based on Regional Climate Models’ Simulations



Swapnali Barman & R.K. Bhattacharjya

Comparison of Linear Regression, Non Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network Model for Downscaling of Rainfall at Subansiri River Basin, Assam, India



Alper Elci, Celalettin Sinsek, Orhan Gündüz, Alper Baba, Sezen Acýnan, Nilgün Yýldýzer & Alim Murathan

Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Gediz River Basin



Carina Almeida, João Sobrinho & Eduardo Jauch & Ramiro Neves

Integrated Modeling Approach to Study the Impact of Reservoirs in The Watershed: The Case Study of The Sorraia River Basin



Meral Buyukyildiz & Chelang A. Arslan

Comparison of Monthly Streamflow Forecasting Techniques



Sara Frongia, Saverio Liberatore & Giovanni M. Sechi

Flood Damage Risk Assessment Optimizing a Flood Mitigation System



Burak Turan, Emre Aksali, Bora Turan, Ufuk Sahin, Salih Babagiray, Orhan Akdeniz & Hüseyin Kuduban

Preparation of Inundation and Flood Hazard Maps At The City Center of Giresun Using 1D/2D Hydraulic Model



Fırat Gümgüm, Ayşegül Ö. Aksoy & M. Şükrü Güney

Study of Fınal Scour Depths Around Cırcular Brıdge Pıers in Clear Water Condıtıons



Eleftheria Marini, Maria P. Papadopoulou & Vassiliki Tsoukala

Water Footprint Assessment in River Basin Scale Using GIS Technology



Gülşah Tulger & Orhan Gunduz

Influence of DEM Resolution on GIS-Based Inundation Analysis



Nikola Krunic, Saša Milizic, Jasmina Durdevic, Olgica Bakic & Vladica Krstic

Dasymetric Mapping of Flood Impact to The Population In Serbia



Alexakis, D.D. & Tsanis, I.K.

Spatial Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Using Satellite Remote Sensing Products.



Konstantinos X. Soulis, Dimitris Manolakos, John Anagnostopoulos & Dimitris Papantonis

Assessing The Hydropower Potential of Historical Hydro Sites Using A Geo-Information System and Hydrological Modeling in Poorly Gauged Areas



L. Vasilliades, P. Sidiropoulos, J. Tzabiras, K. Kokkinos, M. Spiliotopoulos, G. Papaioannou, C. Fafoutis, K. Michailidou, G. Tziatzios, A. Loukas & N. Mylopoulos

An Integrated Monitoring and Management System for Quantity and Quality Assessment of Water Resources in Rural Basins



G. Kargas, V. Demetriou, A. Maratheftis, A. Petsetidou, E. Karidas, G. Bourazanis & P. Êerkides

An Empirical Relationship between Bulk Electrical Conductivity of Soil Saturated Paste and the Electrical Conductivity of Saturated Paste Extract



Rola Quba’a, Mutasem El-Fadel, Majdi Abou Najm & Ibrahim Alameddine

Evaluating Joint Water Development in the Lower Jordan River Basin using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis



Vasilis Kanakoudis, Anastasia Papadopoulou, Stavroula Tsitsifli, Enrico Altran, Barbara Cencur Curk, Barbara Karleusa, Branislava Matic & Primoz Banovec

Drinkadria Project: from an Idea To Policy Recommendation – A Common Approach Development, Towards Water Resources Management And Supply, Across Adriatic Sea Countries



Mehrdad Falsafioun & Hamid R. Safavi

Agricultural Water Management in Drought Condition, Case Study



Tommaso Caloiero, Roberto Coscarelli & Ennio Ferrari

Trends of Mean and Extreme Precipitation in Southern Italy



Zeinab Mollaei, Hamid Madani, Hamid Moghimzadeh, Alireza Faridhosseini & Farid Faridani

Predicting Avulsion Potential on Alluvial Fans Using Flo-2d Model- A Case Study



Babak Amirataee & Majid Montaseri

Comparison of Inherent Performance of Seven Drought Indices in Drought Mitigation Using a Monte Carlo Simulation Approach



V. Pisinaras, C. Paraskevas, A. Ilias, A. Panagopoulos, G. Arampatzis, I. Alexiou, S. Kotsopoulos, S. Poulos & P. Nastos

Investigation of Climate Change Effects in Agricultural Water Management of Pinios River Delta, Central Greece



Hamza Jakada, Zhihua Chen, Hong Zhou, Tao Wang & Mingming Luo

Karst Groundwater Investigation, Exploitation and Protection: The Role of Remote Sensing and GIS



Sara Frongia, Marco Melis, Giovanni M. Sechi & Roberto Silvano

Flood Risk Management Plan for the Sardinia Hydrographic District



Harris Vangelis & Eugenia Kassiou

Impact of Climate Change Scenarios on Mediterranean Drought Conditions



Panagiotis Nastos, John Kapsomenakis, Spyros Kotsopoulos & Serafim Poulos

Future Changes of Reference Evapotranspiration over Thessaly Plain, Greece, Based on Regional Climate Models’ Simulations



Silvino Castaño, Almudena de la Losa, Rosa Mediavilla, Juan Ignacio Santisteban & Pedro Martínez-Santos

Hydrochemical Groundwater Status in Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park Wetland (Central Spain) after a Long Overexploitation Period



Venetsanou P., Voudouris K. & Kazakis N.

Impacts of Urbanization, Agriculture and Touristic Development on Groundwater Resources in the Eastern Part of Thermaikos Gulf, North Greece



Dimitris Gotsis, Dimitris Alexakis, Spyros Giakoumakis & Dimitra Gamvroula

Regional Irrigation Management with The Use of an Agro-Hydrological Model



Eleni Eleftheriadou, Ioanna Giannopoulou & Stavros Yannopoulos

The European Flood Directive: Current Implementation and Technical Issues



Mike G. Spiliotis & Constantine V. Bellos

Flooding Risk Assessment in Mountain Rivers



Dionissios Latinopoulos, Ifigeneia Kagalou, Dimitris Kofinas, Nikolaos Mellios, Theodoti Papadimitriou, Stylianos Mimis & Chrysi Laspidou

“What Ifs” in Lake Karla


41 Eleftheria Safiolea, Vasileios-Kaisar Tsakiris, Harris Vangelis, Boud Verbeiren & Marijke Huysmans Trend Analysis of Meteorological Drought Indices in Catchments of Belgium P-2-11


Sema Ariman & Gülfem Bakan

Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Assesment of Surface Sediment Quality at the Mid-Black Sea Coast of Turkey




An International Journal
Published for EWRA by
EW Publications


  Authors Title  
1 Vasilis Kanakoudis, Konstantinos Gonelas Estimating the Economic Leakage Level in a Water Distribution System O-3-13
2 Alemtsehay G. Seyoum, Tiku T. Tanyimboh and Calvin Siew Practical Application of Penalty-Free Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation of Water Distribution Systems O-3-15
3 Konstantinos X. SOULIS & Stamatios Elmaloglou Automated Irrigation Scheduling in Drip Irrigation Systems: Optimum Soil Moisture Sensors Positioning O-3-1
4 A. Stefopoulou, N. Dercas Nireus: Application of The New Software for The Analysis of Pressurized Collective Irrigation Networks Operating On-Demand O-3-18
5 Dimitra Zormpa, Chris Ôzimopoulos and Chris Evagelides Water Losses During Distribution and Application In Collective Irrigation Networks O-2-19
6 Rajesh Gupta, Abhijith. G. R. & Lindell Ormsbee Including Leakage as Pressure Driven Demands in Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks O-3-3
7 Shweta Rathi, Swapnil Kamble, Aabha Sargaonkar & Rajesh Gupta Sensor Placement for Intermittent Water Distribution Network Security O-3-4
8 Abdullah Cem Koc, Selcuk Toprak, Umüt Sakine Yildirim, Engin Naaaroglu Performance Indicators for Damaged Water Distribution Systems O-3-22
9 N. Choudhury & B. Talukdar Reliability Based Simulation for Power Potential Study of a Hydroelectric Project O-1-7
10 Mahmut Cetin Hayriye Ibricki, Suha Berberoglu, Manfred Fink, Takanori Nagano, M. Said Golpinar, Jumpei Kubota, Hendrik Gohmann Sustainability of Agricultural Water Management in Large Scale Irrigation Schemes: A Case Study in Turkey O-5-10
11 Selcuk Toprak, Engin Nacaroglu, Abdullah Cem Koc, Murat Sari & Umut Sakine Yildirim Seismic Damages in Pipelines in the Light of Preventive Maintenance O-5-30
12 Mike Spiliotis Ana Inglesias, Luis Garrote Drought Management: Fuzzy Approach to Estimate Vulnerability Levels in Water Supply Systems O-1-25
13 Virendra PROAG Building Resilience in the Water Supply Network of Mauritius O-1-79
14 Meriem Naimi Ait-Aoudia, Ewa Berezowska-Azzag Reducing Vulnerability of Algiers Water Supply: Management Challenges O-5-17
15 Pantelis Sidiropoulos, Nikitas Mylopoulos, Athanasios Loukas Combined Optimization of Reservoir-Aquifer of Lake Karla Under Environmental Constrictions O-5-29
16 Pierre Mukheibir & Lisa Currie Institutional Challenges for Achieving A Whole Of Water Approach – The City Of Sydney Response O-6-3
17 Jonida Abazaj, Audun Ruud, Øystein Moen Ambitious Goals and Ambiguous Issues: Integrating Water and Energy Concerns in the Norwegian Hydropower Sector O-6-21
18 Kamshat Tussupova, Ronny Berndtsson, Torleif Bramryd Willingness to pay to improve water supply services in rural Kazakhstan: application of contingent valuation method O-6-39
19 Ching, Leong Beyond Yes and No: Privatization and Public Resistance in Jakarta’s Water Supply O-6-34
20 Chérifa Abdelbaki, Boucherit Rouissat, Ismail Charef, Abderezzak Hadj Abdelkader, Abdelhadi Ammari Management of a Sewer Network By Coupling GIS and Hydraulic Modeling: a Case Study Of The New University in Tlemcen, Algeria P-2-6
21 Ayşenur Uslu, Aslı Ülke & Neslihan Beden Review of Pipe Deterioration, Failure, Condition Assessment Techniques in WDS P-3-10
22 Onur Abay, Nesrin Baykan, N. Orhan Baykan Approaches for the Determination of Micro Hydropower Potential of Turkey O-6-13


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