What is EWRA



The European Water Resources Association (EWRA) was initially established as ECOWARM (European Committee for Water Resources Management) and on September 14, 1992, its name was changed to European Water Resources Association.



EWRA has been constituted as an international non-profit association aiming at enhancing cooperation and exchanges in research and application in the field of water resources. The main aims of EWRA are:

 -   To promote research and application of scientific knowledge on water resources to practical engineering activities and

 -   To promote the exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of water resources between European scientists and engineers and

 -   To contribute to the dissemination of results of scientific and technical advances by European specialists in the field to the other regions in the world.



To achieve the goals of EWRA, the following activities are carried out:

 -   The organisation of conferences, symposia and meetings to provide a forum of discussions between scientists and professional engineers.

 -   Publishing of the international, scientific and technical journal called “Water Resources Management”, (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, NL).

 -   Publishing the scientific journal “European Water” in four issues per year. The journal is available through its web-site http://www.ewra.net/ew.

 -   Publishing of the EWRA Newsletter “EWRA News” several times a year under the supervision of the Publication Officer. “EWRA News” is an e-publication available at the web-sites www.ewra.net and www.waterinfo.gr.

 -   Establishing working groups.

 -   Organisation of courses for interested scientists and engineers.

 -   Offering expert knowledge of EWRA members to private firms and public bodies.

 -   Cooperation with similar organisations.

 -   Offering service functions to national/regional water resources associations.


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