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List of Issues


    Issue 1 (2011)  


Title Water balance - The next stage
Authors B. Charalambous and S. Hamilton
Pages 03 - 10
Text pdf (203 KB)


Title Studies and procedures of water loss reduction in the water supply system of the town of Vidin
Authors P. Kalinkov, G. Vladov and V. Radovanov
Pages 11 - 17
Text pdf (180 KB)


Title A pilot initiative for improved urban demand estimation based on stochastic analysis of water consumption
Authors B. Todorovic, G. Tsakiris and D. Prodanovic
Pages 19 - 29
Text pdf (346 KB)


Title Developing appropriate performance indicators for urban water distribution systems evaluation at Mediterranean countries
Authors V. Kanakoudis, S. Tsitsifli, P. Samaras, A. Zouboulis and G. Demetriou
Pages 31 - 40
Text pdf (696 KB)


Title Urban water distribution systems: Preventive maintenance
Authors G. Tsakiris, H. Vangelis, D. Tigkas, A. Stathaki, D. Sofotasios, S. Toprak, A. Cem Koç, M. Güngör, M. Kaya, E. De Angelis, G. Iacovou and B. Charalambous
Pages 41 - 48
Text pdf (174 KB)


Title Regulation of the water pressure in the water supply network in the residential areas of Burgas
Authors G. Dimitrov, G. Tenev and T. Krustev
Pages 49 - 55
Text pdf (307 KB)
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