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    Issue 10 (2015)

Special Issue: Urban water pipe networks sustainable management: Acknowledging the value, defining the cost, setting the price of water
Guest editor: V. Kanakoudis


Title Prolegomena
Authors V. Kanakoudis
Pages 03 - 04
Text pdf (374 KB)


Title Annualizing metered volumes in water balance
Authors E. Renaud, F. Lapuyade, B. De Grissac and B. Bremond
Pages 05 - 14
Text pdf (1079 KB)


Title Real-time monitoring of water distribution networks
Authors A. Agathokleous, S. Xanthos and S.E. Christodoulou
Pages 15 - 24
Text pdf (4381 KB)


Title Comparative study of different methods to assess average pressures in water distribution zones
Authors E. Renaud, M.T. Sissoko, M. Clauzier, D. Gilbert, A.C. Sandraz and J. Pillot
Pages 25 - 35
Text pdf (1060 KB)


Title The influence of transition from vegetation to gravel bed and vice versa in open channels using the PIV method
Authors E. Keramaris and G. Pechlivanidis
Pages 37 - 43
Text pdf (836 KB)


Title Decision support tools: Review of risk models in drinking water network asset management
Authors A. Large, Y. Le Gat, S.M. Elachachi, E. Renaud, D. Breysse and M. Tomasian
Pages 45 - 53
Text pdf (589 KB)
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