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List of Issues


    Issue 11 (2015)



Title The ecological price of potable water production in Cyprus
Authors P. Naukkarinen
Pages 03 - 16
Text pdf (1622 KB)


Title Studies on hydraulic performance of furrow irrigation to optimise design parameters suitable to onion field in Hawassa, Ethiopia
Authors N. Kannan and B. Abate
Pages 17 - 30
Text pdf (1049 KB)


Title Achieving an economic leakage level in Kinta Valley, Malaysia
Authors J.M.A. Alkasseh, M.N. Adlan, I. Abustan and A.B.M. Hanif
Pages 31 - 47
Text pdf (2289 KB)


Title Numerical simulation of flow in open channels with bottom intake racks
Authors Y.T. Zerihun
Pages 49 - 61
Text pdf (2474 KB)


Title Wastewater reclamation, recycling and reuse potential: A case study for Kuching city, Sarawak
Authors K.K. Kuok, P.C. Chiu, D.Y.S. Mah
Pages 63 - 72
Text pdf (6030 KB)


Title Understanding the differing realities experienced by stakeholders impacted by the Agats municipal water supply, Papua
Authors E.V. Wambrauw and T.K.K.B. Morgan
Pages 73 - 91
Text pdf (8853 KB)


Title Adaption of seepage spring development technique to manage the water scarcity in Himalayan region A practical approach (Short communication)
Authors A.K. Vashisht
Pages 93 - 98
Text pdf (9043 KB)
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