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List of Issues


    Issue 12 (2016)

Special Issue: Water Resources Management in a Changing World:
Challenges and Opportunities

Guest editors: T. Tanyimboh and A. Eli


Title Ambitious goals and ambiguous issues: Integrating water and energy concerns in the Norwegian hydropower sector
Authors J. Abazaj, A. Ruud and . Moen
Pages 03 - 15
Text pdf (841 KB)


Title Reservoir-aquifer combined optimization for groundwater restoration: The case of Lake Karla watershed, Greece
Authors P. Sidiropoulos, N. Mylopoulos and A. Loukas
Pages 17 - 26
Text pdf (2471 KB)


Title A whole of water approach for the City of Sydney
Authors P. Mukheibir and L. Currie
Pages 27 - 38
Text pdf (786 KB)


Title Building resilience in the water supply network of Mauritius
Authors V. Proag
Pages 39 - 48
Text pdf (650 KB)


Title Practical application of penalty-free evolutionary multi-objective optimisation of water distribution systems
Authors A.G. Seyoum, T.T. Tanyimboh and C. Siew
Pages 49 - 55
Text pdf (645 KB)


Title Analysis and calculation of the short and long run economic leakage level in a water distribution system
Authors V. Kanakoudis and K. Gonelas
Pages 57 - 66
Text pdf (2074 KB)
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