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List of Issues


    Issue 13 (2016)



Title Understanding seasonal trend of rainfall for the better planning of water harvesting facilities in the Far-North region, Cameroon
Authors A.E. Cheo
Pages 03 - 11
Text pdf (887 KB)


Title Robustness-based design of water distribution networks
Authors G.D. Puccini, L.E. Blaser, C.A. Bonetti and A. Butarelli
Pages 13 - 28
Text pdf (5780 KB)


Title Benchmarking of indian rural drinking water supply utilities
Authors D. Gill and A.K. Nema
Pages 29 - 45
Text pdf (1379 KB)


Title Development of water consumption benchmark for five star hotels using Delphi’s technique
Authors S. Gautam, S. Ahmed, K. Ahmed and A. Haleem
Pages 47 - 56
Text pdf (1492 KB)


Title Maximum scour depth and length downstream of tail escape
Authors M.R. Fahmy
Pages 57 - 68
Text pdf (7535 KB)


Title Policy implications of managing reservoir water for multiple uses of irrigation and fisheries in southeast Vietnam
Authors L.D. Tran, D. Zilberman, S. Schilizzi, M. Chalak and R. Kingwell
Pages 69 - 81
Text pdf (954 KB)


Title Performance of integrated bio-solar process for domestic wastewater treatment: A sustainable approach to scale-up wastewater management
Authors A. Barwal and R. Chaudhary
Pages 83 - 90
Text pdf (807 KB)


Title Brahmaputra River: A bone of contention between India and China
Authors S.K. Mahapatra and K.C. Ratha
Pages 91 - 99
Text pdf (455 KB)
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