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List of Issues


    Issue 15 (2017)  


Title Stakeholder analysis for supporting local water security planning in the Kingdom of Jordan
Authors M. Bartula, R. Laušević and U. Radojević
Pages 03 - 13
Text pdf (1437 KB)


Title Grey water footprint of domestic households in Salt Lake City: An overview
Authors S. Banerji and D. Mitra
Pages 15 - 27
Text pdf (1263 KB)


Title Assessment of the deep groundwater security in the Bengal Delta by conducting aquifer pumping tests
Authors A. Zahid, M.H. Ali, M.R. Hassan, K. Islam, N. Ahmed and N. Sultana
Pages 29 - 43
Text pdf (2271 KB)


Title Assessment of evolutionary algorithm for reservoir operation
Authors J.Y. Al-Jawad and T.T. Tanyimboh
Pages 45 - 51
Text pdf (2130 KB)


Title Assessment of the ecological impacts of floriculture industries using physico-chemical parameters along Wedecha river, Debrezeit, Ethiopia
Authors S.M. Tamiru and S. Leta
Pages 53 - 65
Text pdf (7535 KB)


Title Performance measures for Ravi Shankar Sagar reservoir using simulation-optimization models
Authors N. Anusha, M.K. Verma, S. Bajpai and M.K. Verma
Pages 67 - 79
Text pdf (2166 KB)


Title On the economic appraisal of water utility projects in the framework of cohesion policy 2014-2020
Authors G. Tsakiris, E. Safiolea and V. Tsakiris
Pages 81 - 90
Text pdf (598 KB)
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