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List of Issues


    Issue 17 (2017)



Title Flow simulation in an ungauged catchment of Tonle Sap Lake Basin in Cambodia: Application of the HEC-HMS model
Authors S. Chea and C. Oeurng
Pages 03 - 17
Text pdf (2499 KB)


Title Water congestion efficiency of regions in China
Authors J.-L. Hu, Y.-H. Tseng and H.-W. Tsay
Pages 19 - 34
Text pdf (3109 KB)


Title Geochemical characteristics of sediments in river Niger fadama, central Nigeria
Authors O.A. Omotoso, O.J. Ojo and M.T. Alebiosu
Pages 35 - 48
Text pdf (1067 KB)


Title Performance indicators and perception surveys: a combined assessment of water utilities
Authors F. González Villarreal and C. Lartigue
Pages 49 - 57
Text pdf (509 KB)


Title Hydraulics, uniformity, yield and water productivity performance of an innovative bamboo-drip system in rural and peri-urban West-Africa
Authors H. Agossou, J. Bogardi and B. Tischbein
Pages 59 - 70
Text pdf (3090 KB)


Title Application of 2-D resistivity survey to groundwater aquifer delineation in a sedimentary terrain: A case study of south-western Nigeria
Authors K.O. Aluko, W.O. Raji and E.A. Ayolabi
Pages 71 - 79
Text pdf (1999 KB)


Title Unauthorized water use in the American West
Authors I.M. Castellano
Pages 81 - 95
Text pdf (508 KB)


Title Finnish water services: Experiences in global perspective - A book review
Authors H. Vangelis
Pages 97 - 98
Text pdf (362 KB)
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