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    Issue 18 (2018)



Title Sustainable treatment of drinking water using natural coagulants in developing countries: A case of informal settlements in Kenya
Authors A. Wambui Mumbi, L. Fengting and A. Karanja
Pages 01 - 11
Text pdf (802 KB)


Title Identifying the background leakage in the new water pressure pipe
Authors J.M.A. Alkasseh and A. Shaker
Pages 13 - 20
Text pdf (1067 KB)


Title Measurement methods for hydropower resources: a review
Authors O.J. Mdee, C.Z. Kimambo, T.K. Nielsen and J. Kihedu
Pages 21 - 38
Text pdf (3202 KB)


Title The impact of groundwater contamination on households expenditure: The Indian metropolitan cities
Authors M. Prasad Panta, S. Villasante, M. Antelo, J. Feás and U. Racherla
Pages 39 - 50
Text pdf (692 KB)


Title Estimation of evapotranspiration using field measurements and modelling techniques on paddy crop water requirements in Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India
Authors D. Soundar Rajan, M.M. Vijayalakshmi and K. Nagamani
Pages 51 - 60
Text pdf (2389 KB)


Title Evaluation of different methods to estimate monthly reference evapotranspiration in a Mediterranean area
Authors V.Z. Antonopoulos and A.V. Antonopoulos
Pages 61 - 77
Text pdf (1621 KB)


Title Hurrian embankment for Holland
Authors S.S. Mezour
Pages 79 - 88
Text pdf (5745 KB)


Title Management of oily wastewater in the Apapa area of Lagos state, Nigeria
Authors A.M. Akintayo
Pages 89 - 101
Text pdf (910 KB)
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