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List of Issues


    Issue 2 (2011)  


Title Water loss reduction in Razgrad demonstrative project through active leakage control, pressure management and the relationship between pressure management and leakage: The case of Kooperative Pazar DMA
Authors A. Paskalev, S. Ivanov and M. Tanev
Pages 03 - 21
Text pdf (2414 KB)


Title A methodology for monitoring and leakage reduction in water distribution systems
Authors M. Nicolini
Pages 23 - 33
Text pdf (3752 KB)


Title Actual status in water loss reduction
Authors M. Hammerer
Pages 35 - 43
Text pdf (643 KB)


Title Pressure management and active leakage control in particular DMA (Lisiche) in the city of Skopje, FYROM
Authors B. Ristovski
Pages 45 - 49
Text pdf (752 KB)


Title Conceptual strategy for minimizing leakages in water supply systems
Authors Z. Svitak, T. Metelka and V. Bojkov
Pages 51 - 59
Text pdf (2776 KB)


Title The use of water balance in determining the water loss strategy
Authors C. Neamtu
Pages 61 - 68
Text pdf (2649 KB)
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