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List of Issues


    Issue 25 (2020)


Title Optimization of water use based on the water-energy-food nexus concept: Application to the long-term development scenario of the Upper Blue Nile River
Authors A.-T. Stamou and P. Rutschmann
Pages 01 - 13
Text pdf (515 KB)


Title Identification of correlation between residential water demand and average income using the pool regression model: Study case in Fortaleza - Brazil
Authors T.A. Oliveira, F.A. Souza Filho, G.A. Reis and T.M.N. Carvalho
Pages 15 - 21
Text pdf (841 KB)


Title Simulating the operation of the Plastiras reservoir for different demand scenarios
Authors S. Giakoumakis and C. Petropoulou
Pages 23 - 29
Text pdf (1240 KB)


Title Valuation of irrigation water for two principal crops in Paliganj distributary of Bihar, India
Authors A. Upadhyaya and L.B. Roy
Pages 31 - 39
Text pdf (339 KB)
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