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List of Issues


    Issue 26 (2020)


Title Water demand management: What lessons can be learned from Singapore’s water conservation policy?
Authors Ch. Sanlath and N.M. Masila
Pages 01 - 08
Text pdf (201 KB)


Title Study of physico-chemical composition in wet atmospheric precipitation in Akure, Nigeria
Authors S.D. Oluwagbayide, F.O. Abulude and O. Omoniyi
Pages 09 - 18
Text pdf (1475 KB)


Title Human health risk assessments of some trace elements in groundwater resources of Jebba, central Nigeria
Authors O.A. Omotoso, O.J. Ojo, M.E. Ahmadu, O.O. Ige and O.K. Oladepo
Pages 19 - 37
Text pdf (2028 KB)


Title Use of electrical resistivity methods to map the overburden thickness in a basement complex terrain of Shagari Estate in Ikere Ekiti, southwestern Nigeria
Authors Y.C. Ajisafe, O.L. Ademilua, L.O. Afolagboye, O.A. Talabi and C.A. Ajayi
Pages 39 - 48
Text pdf (1116 KB)
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