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List of Issues


    Issue 6 (2013)



Title Dynamic management of water supply systems: A tool to build scenarios by merging GPR surveys and augmented reality
Authors D. Ayala-Cabrera, M. Herrera, J. Izquierdo, R. Pérez-García and S.J. Ocaña-Levario
Pages 03 - 08
Text pdf (1124 KB)


Title Water-Energy-GHG emissions accounting for urban water supply: A case study on an urban redevelopment in Melbourne
Authors M. Arora, L. Aye, H. Malano and T. Ngo
Pages 09 - 18
Text pdf (225 KB)


Title A physical model to study dam failure flood propagation
Authors G. Tayfur and M.S. Guney
Pages 19 - 27
Text pdf (548 KB)


Title End-use forecasting in the context of building adaptive water services
Authors P. Mukheibir, T. Boyle and C. Mitchell
Pages 29 - 39
Text pdf (636 KB)
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