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List of Issues


    Issue 7 (2014)



Title Pre-processing and visualization of biofilm development in drinking water distribution systems
Authors E. Ramos-Martínez, M. Herrera, J. Izquierdo and R. Pérez-García
Pages 03 - 11
Text pdf (812 KB)


Title Multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm for long-term scheduling of hydropower system: A case study of China
Authors X. Liao, J. Zhou, S. Ouyang, R. Zhang and Y. Zhang
Pages 13 - 23
Text pdf (1099 KB)


Title Exploring the potential of energy recovery using micro hydropower systems in water supply systems
Authors I. Kougias, T. Patsialis, A. Zafirakou and N. Theodossiou
Pages 25 - 33
Text pdf (1028 KB)


Title Efficiency of domestic wastewater solar disinfection in reactors with different colors
Authors J.G.T. Queluz and R.M. Sánchez-Román
Pages 35 - 44
Text pdf (1583 KB)


Title Beyond leakage management: How to decide if, where and when to look for leaks
Authors A. Bettin, D. Rogers and C. Serrani
Pages 45 - 49
Text pdf (904 KB)


Title Generalized numerical and nomographic solutions of simple pipe flow problems
Authors J.G. Sakkas
Pages 51 - 64
Text pdf (2027 KB)
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