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List of Issues


    Issue 9 (2015)



Title Managing the urban water cycle in a changing environment
Authors R. Proença de Oliveira, J. Saldanha Matos and A.J. Monteiro
Pages 03 - 12
Text pdf (495 KB)


Title Implications of climate variability and future trends on wheat production and crop technology adaptations in southern regions of Portugal
Authors M. Carvalho, R. Serralheiro, J. Corte and P. Valverde
Pages 13 - 18
Text pdf (491 KB)


Title Characterization of groundwater and uranium isotopic ratios (234U/238U) in some dugged and drilled wells from southwestern Sinai, Egypt
Authors I.K. El-Aassy, M.G. El-Feky, F.A. Issa, N.M. Ibrahim, O.A. Desouky and M.R. Khattab
Pages 19 - 30
Text pdf (3583 KB)


Title Modeling of stage-discharge relationship for Gharraf River, southern Iraq by using data driven techniques: A case study
Authors A.M. Atiaa
Pages 31 - 46
Text pdf (2115 KB)


Title Water quality assessment of lake Hawassa for multiple designated water uses
Authors B. Abate, A. Woldesenbet and D. Fitamo
Pages 47 - 60
Text pdf (967 KB)


Title Spatial distribution of runoff in ungauged catchments in Tanzania
Authors O.J. Mdee
Pages 61 - 70
Text pdf (1596 KB)


Title Assessment of some heavy metals contamination in the soil of river Niger floodplain at Jebba, central Nigeria
Authors O.A. Omotoso and O.J. Ojo
Pages 71 - 80
Text pdf (968 KB)
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