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    Issue 34 (2011)

Special Issue: Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment
Guest editor: G. Tsakiris


Title Editorial
Authors G. Tsakiris
Pages 3 - 4
Text pdf (116 KB)


Title Breaking the Hydro-Illogical Cycle: Progress or Status Quo for Drought Management in the United States
Authors D.A. Wilhite
Pages 5 - 18
Text pdf (648 KB)


Title WFD River Basin Management Planning in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation - Policy and Research Trends
Authors P. Quevauviller
Pages 19 - 25
Text pdf (142 KB)


Title Water Quality Models for Rivers and Streams. State of the Art and Future Perspectives
Authors M. Benedini
Pages 27 - 40
Text pdf (399 KB)


Title Challenges on Water Resources Management when Searching for Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change focusing Agriculture
Authors L. S. Pereira
Pages 41 - 54
Text pdf (272 KB)


Title Assessing Climate Change Impacts at River Basin Scale by Integrating Global Circulation Models with Regional Hydrological Simulations
Authors Ch. Skoulikaris and J. Ganoulis
Pages 55 - 62
Text pdf (702 KB)
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