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List of Issues


    Issue 11/12 (2005)  


Title Coastal Vulnerability and Risk Parameters
Authors E. Doukakis
Pages 3 - 7
Text pdf (168 KB)


Title Inorganic and Organic Fertilisation of "Leeks" Cultivated in Pots: Yield, Plant Mineral Content and Microbial Quality
Authors C. Guerrero, M.L. Faleiro, P. Pita, J. Beltrao and J. Brito
Pages 9 - 16
Text pdf (168 KB)


Title Aspects of Design and Benefits of Alternative Lining Systems
Authors M. Riaz and Z. Şen
Pages 17 - 26
Text pdf (193 KB)


Title An Integrated Approach to Water Quality Monitoring in Reservoirs, Aqueducts, and Distribution Networks of Water Supply Systems
Authors Y. Papadimitrakis and A. Findikakis
Pages 27 - 34
Text pdf (178 KB)


Title Underground Dams: A Tool of Sustainable Development and Management of Groundwater Resources
Authors H. Onder and M. Yilmaz
Pages 35 - 45
Text pdf (739 KB)


Title Designing Riparian Buffers To Improve Their Function
Authors R.C. Schultz, A. Tufekcioglu, T.M. Isenhart, J.P. Colletti, J.W. Raich and W.W. Simpkins
Pages 47 - 53
Text pdf (745 KB)


Title The Use of a Neural Network Technique for the Prediction of Water Quality Parameters of Axios River in Northern Greece
Authors M.J. Diamantopoulou, V.Z. Antonopoulos and D.M. Papamichail
Pages 55 - 62
Text pdf (290 KB)


Title Wastewater Reuse: Problems and Challenges in Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco
Authors D. Fatta, I.A. Alaton, C. Gokcay, M.M. Rusan, O. Assobhei, M. Mountadar and A. Papadopoulos
Pages 63 - 69
Text pdf (177 KB)


Title Modeling pollution due to extensive irrigation in an encircled coastal urban area
Authors C. Koinakis and H. Mpimpas
Pages 71 - 78
Text pdf (847 KB)
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