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    Issue 27/28 (2009)  


Title Distributions of Annual Maximum Rainfall Series of North-East India
Authors S. Deka, M. Borah and S.C. Kakaty
Pages 3 - 14
Text pdf (470 KB)


Title An integrated approach for sustainable water resources management of Messara basin, Crete, Greece
Authors M. Kritsotakis and I.K. Tsanis
Pages 15 - 30
Text pdf (470 KB)


Title Mathematical modeling of water quality in river systems. Case study: Jajrood river in Tehran - Iran
Authors S.A. Mirbagheri, M. Abaspour and K.H. Zamani
Pages 31 - 41
Text pdf (470 KB)


Title Removal of hazardous azo dye metanil yellow from industrial wastewater using electrochemical technique
Authors R. Jain, N. Sharma and K. Radhapyari
Pages 43 - 52
Text pdf (470 KB)


Title An integrated methodological procedure for alternative drought mitigation in Greece
Authors N.R. Dalezios, D. Bampzelis and C. Domenikiotis
Pages 53 - 73
Text pdf (520 KB)
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