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    Issue 31 (2010)  


Title Stream flow analysis and comparison of base flow separation methods
Case study of the Modder River Basin in Central South Africa
Authors W.A. Welderufael and Y.E. Woyessa
Pages 3 - 12
Text pdf (663 KB)


Title Toward Efficient, Equitable and Sustainable Municipal Water Supplies for Domestic Purposes in the West Bank: A Contingent Valuation Analysis
Authors I. Awad and R. Holländer
Pages 13 - 20
Text pdf (188 KB)


Title Groundwater Geochemistry of Winder Agricultural Farms, Balochistan, Pakistan and Assessment for Irrigation Water Quality
Authors S. Naseem, S. Hamza and E. Bashir
Pages 21 - 32
Text pdf (1116 KB)


Title Computation of Hydrographs in Evros River Basin
Authors P. Angelidis, G. Mystakidis, S. Lalikidou, V. Hrissanthou and N. Kotsovinos
Pages 33 - 42
Text pdf (616 KB)


Title Ranking supply oriented policies of water management policies from institutional stakeholders' political views
A Delphi survey on irrigation water in the Júcar basin area
Authors M. Bravo, I. Gonzalez and A. García-Bernabeu
Pages 43 - 58
Text pdf (138 KB)
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