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List of Issues


    Issue 35 (2011)  


Title Suitability of Surface Water for Domestic Water Use: Awali River Case Study
Authors S.I. Korfali and M. Jurdi
Pages 3 - 12
Text pdf (317 KB)


Title Fuzzy Logic Model Development for Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment
Authors D. Caniani, D.S. Lioi, I.M. Mancini, S. Masi and F. Sdao
Pages 13 - 22
Text pdf (956 KB)


Title Rainfall Erosivity Pattern of Ogun River Basin Area (Nigeria) using Modified Fournier Index
Authors G.C. Ufoegbune, N.J. Bello, Z.O. Ojekunle, A.R. Orunkoye, A.O. Eruola and A.A Amori
Pages 23 - 29
Text pdf (459 KB)


Title Geostatistical Techniques for Runoff Mapping: An Application to Sicily, Italy
Authors A. Di Piazza, D. Caracciolo, L.V. Noto, F. Viola and G. La Loggia
Pages 31 - 44
Text pdf (2413 KB)


Title Production of a 5-years long dataset of Soil Moisture Maps on Italian Territory with an Operational Algorithm
Authors L. Campo, F. Castelli, F. Caparrini and D. Entekhabi
Pages 45 - 56
Text pdf (1145 KB)
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