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List of Issues


    Issue 36 (2011)  


Title Spatial patterns of variability for rain fields at different timescales: an application in southern Italy
Authors G. Buttafuoco, T. Caloiero and R. Coscarelli
Pages 3 - 13
Text pdf (472 KB)


Title Geomorphological Analysis and Distribution of Badland around the Confluence of Narmada and Sher River, India
Authors D.S. Deshmukh, U.C. Chaube, S. Tignath and S.M. Pingale
Pages 15 - 26
Text pdf (538 KB)


Title Backwater Rise and Drag Characteristics of Bridge Piers under Sub-critical Flow Conditions
Authors C.R. Suribabu, R.M. Sabarish, R. Narasimhan and A.R. Chandhru
Pages 27 - 35
Text pdf (490 KB)


Title Towards guidelines for drought preparedness and mitigation planning within EU water policy
Authors G. Rossi and L. Castiglione
Pages 37 - 51
Text pdf (288 KB)


Title Rural Towns - Liquid Assets: Analysis using Water Balance Modelling for Water Resources Availability for Rural Towns in Western Australia
Authors R. Shukla, O. Barron, J. Turner, A. Grant, A. Sharma  J. Bell and H. Nikraz
Pages 53 - 64
Text pdf (637 KB)
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