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List of Issues


    Issue 37 (2012)  


Title Groundwater in the Kathmandu Valley: Development dynamics, consequences and prospects for sustainable management
Authors V.P. Pandey, S. Shrestha and F. Kazama
Pages 3 - 14
Text pdf (477 KB)


Title Cost-effectiveness analysis in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive: A comparative analysis of the United Kingdom and Spain
Authors J. Martin-Ortega and B.B. Balana
Pages 15 - 25
Text pdf (198 KB)


Title Comparative assessment of water management indicators in the Gediz river basin with foreseen climate scenarios
Authors B. Yilmaz and N.B. Harmancioglu
Pages 27 - 32
Text pdf (829 KB)


Title Water quality models: An overview
Authors G. Tsakiris and D. Alexakis
Pages 33 - 46
Text pdf (359 KB)


Title Re-modulating water allocation in a complex multi-reservoir system under current and climate change scenarios
Authors G. Cervarolo, G. Mendicino and A. Senatore
Pages 47 - 57
Text pdf (1560 KB)
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