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List of Issues


    Issue 38 (2012)  


Title Flow structure in a compound channel with smooth and rough floodplains
Authors J.N. Fernandes, J.B. Leal and A.H. Cardoso
Pages 3 - 12
Text pdf (331 KB)


Title Two-dimensional model for overland flow simulations: A case study
Authors P. Costabile, C. Costanzo, F. Macchione and P. Mercogliano
Pages 13 - 23
Text pdf (725 KB)


Title Monitoring turbidity in Asprokremmos dam in Cyprus using earth observation and smart buoy platform
Authors C. Papoutsa, A. Kounoudes, M. Milis, L. Toulios, A. Retalis, K. Kyrou and D. Hadjimiisis
Pages 25 - 32
Text pdf (697 KB)


Title How to quantify risk in integrated water resources management?
Authors T. Walczykiewicz, I. Biedroń and M. Kwiecień
Pages 33 - 42
Text pdf (332 KB)


Title ِAssessment of sediment yield for Wala dam catchment area in Jordan
Authors A.Z. Ijam and E.R. Tarawneh
Pages 43 - 58
Text pdf (831 KB)
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