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List of Issues


    Issue 41 (2013)  


Title Water chemical composition of reclaimed water irrigation district, China
Authors X. Pan, W. Wu, H. Liu, S. Yang and S. Yin
Pages 3 - 15
Text pdf (646 KB)


Title The RDI as a composite climatic index
Authors D. Tigkas, H. Vangelis and G. Tsakiris
Pages 17 - 22
Text pdf (274 KB)


Title Geochemical evidences for the sources of the Cr(VI) contamination in groundwater in central Euboea and Assopos-Thiva basins, Greece: Natural versus anthropogenic origin
Authors I. Megremi, Ch. Vasilatos, A. Atsarou, Ch. Theodoratou, M. Economou-Eliopoulos and I. Mitsis
Pages 23 - 34
Text pdf (604 KB)


Title A dimensionless solution for the storage-yield process of a reservoir comprising inter-basin transfer
Authors S. Giakoumakis
Pages 35 - 39
Text pdf (318 KB)


Title "Water Quality Modelling for Rivers and Streams", book review
Authors D. Alexakis
Pages 41 - 42
Text pdf (171 KB)
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