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List of Issues


    Issue 42 (2013)  


Title Comparison of river typology systems in Northern and Central Greece
Authors M. Lazaridou, L. Kanli, C. Ntislidou and K. Albanakis
Pages 3 - 18
Text pdf (447 KB)


Title Comparative analysis of reference evapotranspiration estimation between various methods and the FAO56 Penman - Monteith procedure
Authors N. Efthimiou, S. Alexandris, C. Karavitis and N. Mamassis
Pages 19 - 34
Text pdf (1993 KB)


Title Participation in tank irrigation management in dry zones in India
Authors S.K. Jana and W. Lise
Pages 35 - 50
Text pdf (452 KB)


Title Sediment control and social inequality in the Santa Fe river watershed, New Mexico: A case study of organizations
Authors H.L.N. Moltz, C.L. Smith, V.L. Lopes and W. Rast
Pages 51 - 64
Text pdf (1344 KB)


Title Habitat banking in Swedish rivers and water bodies: A concept paper on implementing the EU Water Framework Directive
Authors J. Stage
Pages 65 - 74
Text pdf (454 KB)
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