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List of Issues


    Issue 43 (2013)

Special Issue: Water Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context
(EWRA2013 - Issue I)


Title Evidence and implications of extensive groundwater overdraft-induced land subsidence in Greece
Authors E.K. Paleologos and S.P. Mertikas
Pages 3 - 11
Text pdf (7132 KB)


Title Relationship between winter rainfall amount and teleconnection patterns in Southern Italy
Authors R. Coscarelli, T. Caloiero and T. Lo Feudo
Pages 13 - 21
Text pdf (1401 KB)


Title The effect of four new floodgates on the flood frequency in the Dutch Lower Rhine Delta
Authors H. Zhong, P.J.A.T.M. van Overloop, P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder and X. Tian
Pages 23 -32
Text pdf (1077 KB)


Title Analysis of water prices in urban systems: Experience from three basins in southern Portugal
Authors C. Roseta-Palma, H. Monteiro, P.B. Coutinho and P.A. Fernandes
Pages 33 - 45
Text pdf (765 KB)
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