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List of Issues


    Issue 48 (2014)  


Title Adoption of offset manifold design in hillside drip irrigation system using treated sewage water: The case of Hawassa University main campus, Ethiopia
Authors N. Kannan
Pages 3 - 15
Text pdf (810 KB)


Title Estimation of replenishable groundwater resources and their status of utilization in Jammu Himalaya, J&K, India
Authors A.S. Jasrotia and A. Kumar
Pages 17 - 27
Text pdf (789 KB)


Title Hydrochemical characterisation and quality assessment of groundwater in the vicinities of a major active dumpsite in Lagos, Nigeria: The use of multivariate analytical technique and water quality indices
Authors A.O. Majolagbe, A. Adeyi and O. Osibanjo
Pages 29 - 42
Text pdf (1559 KB)
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