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List of Issues


    Issue 49 (2015)

Special Issue: International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology (CEST2013)
Guest editors: H. Van Lanen, D. Lekkas, A. Loukas


Title Development and testing of the MWBMT toolbox to predict runoff response at the poorly gauged catchment of Mornos, Greece
Authors I.G. Pechlivanidis, S. Anastasiadis and D.F. Lekkas
Pages 3 - 18
Text pdf (3172 KB)


Title Assessment of the effect of climate variability and change and human intervention in the lake Karla aquifer
Authors A. Loukas, P. Sidiropoulos, N. Mylopoulos, L. Vasiliades and K. Zagoriti
Pages 19 - 31
Text pdf (3483 KB)


Title Statistical methods to quantify environmental flow and its variability in a Mediterranean environment
Authors A. Longobardi and P. Villani
Pages 33 - 41
Text pdf (930 KB)


Title Short-term drought forecasting combining stochastic and geo-statistical approaches
Authors C.A. Karavitis, C.G. Vasilakou, D.E. Tsesmelis, P.D. Oikonomou, N.A. Skondras, D. Stamatakos, V. Fassouli and S. Alexandris
Pages 43 - 63
Text pdf (4406 KB)


Title Testing the observation-modelling framework to distinguish between hydrological drought and water scarcity in case studies around Europe
Authors A.F. Van Loon and H.A.J. Van Lanen
Pages 65 - 75
Text pdf (1273 KB)


Title Key factors for improving large-scale hydrological model performance
Authors J.C.M. Andersson, I.G. Pechlivanidis, D. Gustafsson, C. Donnelly and B. Arheimer
Pages 77 - 88
Text pdf (1291 KB)


Title Assessment of urban water full cost under the conditions of an economic crisis
Authors N. Mylopoulos
Pages 89 - 105
Text pdf (1021 KB)


Title Lessons learnt from the analysis of past drought management practices in selected European regions: Experience to guide future policies
Authors L. De Stefano, J. Urquijo, E. Kampragkou and D. Assimacopoulos
Pages 107 - 117
Text pdf (2334 KB)
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