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List of Issues


    Issue 50 (2015)  


Title Impact of dam and barrage on flood trend of lower catchment of Mayurakshi river basin, eastern India
Authors K.G. Ghosh and S. Pal
Pages 3 - 23
Text pdf (3104 KB)


Title Variability in rainfall characteristics in the semi-deciduous forest zone of Ghana
Authors S.A. Mesele and C. Quansah
Pages 25 - 33
Text pdf (668 KB)


Title Evaluating a modified simple rainfall-runoff model in Mediterranean river basins
Authors S. Giakoumakis, P. Stamouli and D. Tigkas
Pages 35 - 42
Text pdf (8428 KB)


Title Groundwater resources in the hard to reach areas of Bangladesh: Constraints for drinking water supply and strategies for sustainable use
Authors M. Shahjahan Mondal
Pages 43 - 57
Text pdf (1098 KB)


Title Analysing drought characteristics in recharging areas of Belgian aquifers
Authors E. Safiolea, V. Tsakiris, H. Vangelis, B. Verbeiren and M. Huysmans
Pages 59 - 71
Text pdf (1850 KB)
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