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List of Issues


    Issue 54 (2016)  


Title Hydro-economic modeling and management with limited data: The case of Lake Karla Basin, Greece
Authors A. Alamanos, S. Xenarios, N. Mylopoulos and P. Stålnacke
Pages 3 - 18
Text pdf (5256 KB)


Title A new water quality index for bottled water assessment
Authors V. Tsakiris
Pages 19 - 26
Text pdf (2859 KB)


Title Alterations in precipitation and drought indices over the last thirty years in Peloponnese, Greece
Authors A. Tsirimpi and E. Dimitriou
Pages 27 - 41
Text pdf (1443 KB)


Title Current conditions of groundwater resources development and related problems in the Republic of Cameroon, West Africa
Authors C. Defo, A.K. Mishra, B.P.K. Yerima, P.B. Mabou, A.A. Ako and T. Fonkou
Pages 43 - 68
Text pdf (2663 KB)
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