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List of Issues


    Issue 19 (2018)  


Title Assessment of main findings on Urmia Lake research and restoration efforts
Authors M. Soudi, H. Ahmadi, M. Yasi and S.A. Hamidi
Pages 01 - 10
Text pdf (1061 KB)


Title Optimum subsurface barrier characteristics for efficient controlling of seawater intrusion in unconfined coastal aquifers
Authors R. Shafiee, S.S. Mehdizadeh and A.S. Gooya
Pages 11 - 22
Text pdf (2033 KB)


Title A coupled quality-quantity model for complex hybrid water networks
Authors H. Mu, T. Rauschenbach, D. Karamanzia and N. Cai
Pages 23 - 34
Text pdf (2781 KB)


Title Design of watercourse interventions in conjunction with managed aquifer recharge (MAR)
Authors L. Avgeris, D. Karasogiannidis, I. Gkiougkis, F. Pliakas, T. Tzevelekis, K. Bellos and I. Diamantis
Pages 35 - 48
Text pdf (4607 KB)


Title Joint approach for characterization of drought in Italy
Authors R. Zucaro, G. Giannerini and C. Antinoro
Pages 49 - 58
Text pdf (897 KB)


Title SaDE algorithm for reliability-based design of water distribution networks
Authors S. Sirsant and M.J. Reddy
Pages 59 - 70
Text pdf (874 KB)


Title Evaluation of hydrologic and hydraulic response to anthropogenic alterations of Luján River's lower sub-basin, Las Tunas stream, in the Pampa Ondulada of Buenos Aires
Authors I.M. Arzuaga, G. Navarro and S.V. Viñes
Pages 71 - 77
Text pdf (1614 KB)


Title Key performance indicators to enhance water distribution network resilience in three-stages
Authors D. Ayala-Cabrera, O. Piller, J. Deuerlein and M. Herrera
Pages 79 - 90
Text pdf (1658 KB)
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