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    Issue 20 (2018)  


Title Quantifying the impact of different climate conditions and water pricing policies on future water balance in Volos, Greece
Authors S. Sfyris, A. Alamanos, C. Fafoutis and N. Mylopoulos
Pages 01 - 11
Text pdf (919 KB)


Title Environmental crimes in the water sector
Authors L. Segato, W. Mattioli, N. Capello and M. Migliorini
Pages 13 - 27
Text pdf (629 KB)


Title Monitoring drought by Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI) and Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) using DrinC software
Authors S. Ansarifard and S.A. Shamsnia
Pages 29 - 35
Text pdf (1086 KB)


Title Evaluation of water depth - damage functions in built-up areas in Sardinia (Italy)
Authors S. Frongia, A. Ruiu and G.M. Sechi
Pages 37 - 48
Text pdf (6088 KB)


Title Zapadna Morava river basin zoning based on low flow regime evaluation
Authors Z. Simić and B.B. Matić
Pages 49 - 56
Text pdf (1092 KB)


Title Development of an innovative water quality monitoring tool for adaptive management in coastal areas
Authors A. Zouboulis, A. Tsirika, E. Terzopoulou, G. Skoufas, S. Kyriakidis, V. Liakopoulos and G. Zalidis
Pages 57 - 66
Text pdf (3751 KB)


Title Storm clustering and classification for the port of Rethymno in Greece
Authors N. Martzikos, V. Afentoulis and V. Tsoukala
Pages 67 - 79
Text pdf (2262 KB)
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