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List of Issues


    Issue 24 (2020)


Title Sugarcane yield prediction at farm scale using remote sensing and artificial neural network
Authors M. Rahimi Jamnani, A. Liaghat and N. Sadeghi Loyeh
Pages 01 - 10
Text pdf (1127 KB)


Title Subsurface flow analysis of low-head diversion structure using finite difference method
Authors R. Tilaye and H. Hailu
Pages 11 - 20
Text pdf (451 KB)


Title Evaluation of groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking purpose: A case study of Adigrat town and its surrounding areas, Northern Ethiopia
Authors A. Zeabraha, T. G/yohannes, F. W/Mariyam, G. Hailu and G. Zeru
Pages 21 - 33
Text pdf (2807 KB)


Title Attainment of an optimum operating policy using simulation-optimization models for Ravishankar Sagar reservoir, Chhattisgarh, India - A case study
Authors N. Anusha and M.K. Verma
Pages 35 - 47
Text pdf (1012 KB)


Title Connecting various investments plans to address new challenges in the current water management structure of Lebanon
Authors G. Gharios and N. Farajalla
Pages 49 - 61
Text pdf (262 KB)
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