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List of Issues


    Issue 5 (2013)




Salinity gradient energy: a new source of renewable energy in Australia

Authors F. Helfer, O. Sahin, C. Lemckert and Y.G. Anissimov
Pages 03 - 13
Text pdf (399 KB)


Title Advanced energy recovery strategies for wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems using small hydropower
Authors V. Berger, A. Niemann, T. Frehmann and H. Brockmann
Pages 15 - 24
Text pdf (494 KB)


Title The influence of pressure/leakage relationships from existing leaks in the benefits yielded by pressure management
Authors R. Gomes, J. Sousa and A.S. Marques
Pages 25 - 32
Text pdf (436 KB)


Title Flood mitigation at the downstream areas of a transboundary river
Authors C. Papathanasiou, D. Serbis and N. Mamassis
Pages 33 - 42
Text pdf (635 KB)
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