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List of Issues


    Issue 39 (2012)

Special Issue: Protection and Restoration of the Environment XI (Issue I)
Guest editors: K.L. Katsifarakis, N. Theodossiou, Z. Mallios


Title Radionuclides migration modelling using artificial neural networks and parallel computing
Authors O.S. Hilko, S.P. Kundas and I.A. Gishkeluk
Pages 3 - 13
Text pdf (446 KB)


Title Application of ionizing radiation in decomposition of selected organic pollutants in waters
Authors M. Trojanowicz, A. Bojanowska-Czajka, G. Kciuk, K. Bobrowski, M. Gumiela, A. Koc,
G. Nałęcz-Jawecki, M. Torun and D.S. Ozbay
Pages 15 - 26
Text pdf (271 KB)


Title A mathematical model to determine the soil water contents in the unsaturated zone and the water table response
Authors C. Miracapillo
Pages 27 - 39
Text pdf (223 KB)


Title Medley Multiobjective Harmony Search Algorithm: Application on a water resources management problem
Authors I. Kougias, L. Katsifarakis and N. Theodossiou
Pages 41 - 52
Text pdf (1223 KB)


Title Estimation of agricultural flood loss in the Koiliaris river basin in Crete, Greece
Authors A.E.K. Vozinaki, N.N. Kourgialas and G.P. Karatzas
Pages 53 - 63
Text pdf (2175 KB)
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