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List of Issues


    Issue 51 (2015)

Special Issue: "Water Resources Management in a Changing World:
Challenges and Opportunities" (EWRA2015 - Issue I)
Guest editors: A. Loukas, B. Yegen, R. Maia, H. Aksoy


Title Impacts of urbanization, agriculture and touristic development on groundwater resources in the eastern part of Thermaikos Gulf (North Greece): An application of DPSIR model for sustainable development
Authors P. Venetsanou, K. Voudouris, N. Kazakis and C. Mattas
Pages 3 - 13
Text pdf (1368 KB)


Title A comprehensive drought analysis in Slovakia using SPI
Authors M.M. Portela, M. Zeleňáková, J.F. Santos, P. Purcz, A.T. Silva and H. Hlavatá
Pages 15 - 31
Text pdf (5665 KB)


Title Flooding risk assessment in mountain rivers
Authors M.G. Spiliotis and C.V. Bellos
Pages 33 - 49
Text pdf (1856 KB)


Title Comparison of linear regression, non-linear regression and artificial neural network model for downscaling of rainfall at Subansiri river basin, Assam, India
Authors S. Barman and R.K. Bhattacharjya
Pages 51 - 62
Text pdf (3727 KB)


Title Present and future projected reference evapotranspiration over Thessaly plain, Greece, based on regional climate models’ simulations
Authors P. Nastos, J. Kapsomenakis, S. Kotsopoulos and S. Poulos
Pages 63 - 72
Text pdf (2891 KB)
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